Wednesday Jan 24, 2024

S2 Ep. 10 Sex in Marriage (feat. Joe Beam)

On today’s episode of Scripture In Black and Whit Anthony Waker, Bobby Harrington and their guest, Joe Beam, discuss various aspects of marriage, trust, and intimacy from a Christian perspective, and how these relate to sexual satisfaction and fulfillment within marriage. Joe shares his insights on the importance of respectful conversation, the adverse effects of pornography, and the balance of intimacy, commitment, and passion. He mentions his organization, Marriage Helper (click link to visit their website), and the resources and workshops offered there for couples facing challenges in their marriages.


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Key Takeaways:

00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction

05:09 Practical Application of Biblical Principles in Marriage

08:32 Understanding the Needs of Men and Women in Marriage

14:14 Exploring the Song of Songs and Its Implications for Marriage

19:54 The Role of Trust and Sensuality in Marriage

26:10 Real Life vs. Scriptural Interpretations

28:01 The Impact of Pornography on Relationships

37:19 Understanding the Different Aspects of Love

41:57 Introducing Marriage Helper


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