Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

S2 Ep. 3 Toxic Masculinity: An Interview with Nancy Pearcey

In this podcast episode of Scripture in Black and white we feature a conversation with special guest Nancy Pearcey, an author and professor at Houston Christian University. The discussion revolves around the topic of masculinity, gender roles, and the role of the church. In this episode we highlight the need for the church to support men, address misconceptions about masculinity, and encourage a more balanced understanding of gender roles. For more information about Nancy Pearcey visit her website


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Key Takeaways: 

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

03:52 Exploring Sociological Studies on Christian Men

10:41 Understanding the Impact of Cultural Christianity

23:44 Unpacking the Origins of Toxic Masculinity

29:45 Feminization of the Workplace and the Role of Fathers

31:36 The Importance of the Christlike Head of the Home

37:02 The Role of Fathers in Shaping Men and Society

48:31 The Christian Perspective on Body, Mind, and Spirit Integration

50:36 Final Thoughts and Resources


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