Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

S2 Ep. 8 Ephesians 5 and 25 Ways to be a Jesus’ Like Husband

In this episode from Season 2 they engage in an in-depth discussion on Ephesians 5. They also speak about the role of the husband as a spiritual and practical leader, giving 25 specific ways for men to be more like Jesus in their role as husbands. The conversation includes prayers, scripture readings, personal anecdotes, and an examination of key biblical concepts.

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Key Takeaways:

00:00 The Importance of Marriage in Scripture

05:52 The Challenges of Being a Godly Husband

15:28 Understanding and Respecting Your Wife

21:17 The Importance of Communication and Praise

26:53 Encouraging Personal Growth and Interests in Your Spouse

36:47 Creating Meaningful Family Traditions

38:03 Establishing Biblically Supportable Family Values

42:18 The Importance of Discipling Groups for Men

44:40 The Power of Starting Over


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